cryptocurrency market 2018
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There has been a sudden rise and even sudden drop in the cryptocurrency market in 2018 since last few months.

This rise in the value of the currency has led to increase in its importance among different individuals of the world. Many of the transactions are also taking place in exchange for bitcoin. It has become possible due to the trust which people has developed over the most developing software named Blockchain.

This software is helping in all the transactions to take place by means of a specialized algorithm which is developed to make the transactions of cryptocurrencies possible. The prices of the cryptocurrency are dependent on the kind of trust which people is keeping on the same and using them for their daily transactions.

Current Trend in Cryptocurrency Market

The cryptocurrency prices have seen a sudden decline after the fast rise in their prices at the beginning of 2018. After touching the lowest price of $7,000 it again gained momentum and raised its price due to the trust which investors kept in them. This resulted after one of the small technical error present in the same was corrected and now the market is again on the rise.

Looking at the trend in which these cryptocurrencies are behaving currently it is highly evident that the future of cryptocurrencies is looking bright. This is mainly because a large group of people is building their trust again and are again investing back in bitcoin, ripple, Litecoin and many more. It is leading to their transactions which will make their prices stable.

As slowly the trust is building up again, cryptocurrency mining is also gaining back its pace. This is resulting in numerous people building up trust back again and starting back their mining process for the new coins. It’s been predicted that the dominance of the Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency market might be well around 75% in the year of 2018.

With the increasing built-in trust for the cryptocurrency and increasing trading by the same, it will further result in an increase in its market value. It is thereby expected that some of the popular currency which include Bitcoin will be showing an amazing improvement in the current year. One can thereby expect to invest their money in the concerned market as there are some of the expected return from the same.


Thus we can say that Crypto Currency market in 2018 is on highly increasing trend. It will definitely show a great increase in its valuation and trust in the currency. This will result in more currency coming into the market for its flow and thereby will result in more dealing of different commodities too by use of these currencies.

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