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Google plans to roll out a new unified design for its sign-in page soon that will have the same look and feel on all devices you use.

Google changed the sign-in page several times throughout the years. The last change of the sign-in page dates back to 2015 which Google announced in pretty much the same way.

Google changed the design of the page back then, and switched from a single sign-on page to a two-page sign in form. The company has asked for the username on the first page, and for the password on the second page ever since.

google new sign in

Google notes that the new design won’t change the functionality of the sign in page at all. The steps remain the same to sign in to a Google account, and users will enter the same information to do so.

The company mentions three benefits of the new page.

  • Have a cleaner, simpler look.
  • Make the sign-in process faster.
  • Be consistent across computers, phones, and tablets.

Here is a screenshot of the new sign-in page:

google new sign-in page


Google wants to provide anyone, regardless of device that is used to access the page, to see the same sign-in page. The new page will look the same regardless of whether you are using a PC or Mac, an iPhone or iPad, or an Android device.

There are exceptions however. The company notes that users may continue to see the old sign-in page if they use an older version of a browser, or have JavaScript turned off. Google does not define “older version of a browser” on the page. It is unclear whether this means that you will have to run the latest version of Chrome or Firefox for instance, or if older refers to certain technologies that are required to render the new sign-in page correctly.

Google users on Android or iOS may have noticed the new sign-in page already on their devices. Android users when they add a new account to their device through Settings > Accounts, iOS users when they use the Google application on the system.

Tip: Make sure you have set up 2-factor authentication for your Google Account as it improves the security of the account significantly.

The new sign-in page will certainly surprise some users. One reason why Google is making the announcement early is to reduce the impact on the bulk of users.

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