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Published by Zach Epstein for BGR
Software ecosystems are obviously among the most important parts of the mobile experience these days, and Apple’s is second to none. The company has managed to create an environment that fosters the creation of apps that are beautiful, useful and functional. Of course, these great apps are buried under a mountain of crap.

Part of our job here at BGR is to try to separate the great apps from the… not so great apps. We recently put together a collection of five fantastic apps that have beautiful designs and smart features, and now we’re continuing with five more great apps.

We try to pick apps from a wide range of categories for each post, and we’ve got a few terrific iPhone apps to show you this time around. As always, feel free to let us know about your favorite beautifully designed apps in the comments section here, or let me know on Twitter.

Wake Alarm Clock

Sometimes a certain type of app gets so popular that it becomes practically impossible to find great options because it involves sifting through so many low-quality apps.

This is definitely the case with alarms — but we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

Wake Alarm Clock by Tiny Hearts Limited casts aside all of the needless functions that clutter many alarm apps, instead offering a simple solution to help you with one of the most important things you do each day: Wake up.

Featuring a sleek, minimalistic design, Wake Alarm Clock allows users to choose from a small collection of alarm sounds or to pick from their iTunes libraries. The controls are unique and impressive, and it also lets users set new alarms simply by speaking.
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